Pilliga Creative Farmstay

2630 Dandry Rd, Coonabarabran NSW 2357

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The Pilliga Pottery & Farm Stay offers a choice of unique accommodation experiences for large groups. Un-powered campsites are available. Guests can feed the farm animals and relax by the pool. We have a large number of amenities while our unique Old Schoolhouse was originally built for the owners’ children to attend correspondence school but has since been transformed into self-catered accommodation with fully equipped kitchen and private bathroom. Experience the enchanting octagonal “fairy tale castle”, hand-crafted from local timbers. Relax and enjoy the beautiful views from the large, Swiss-style balcony, and take a shower in a hand-sculpted masterpiece!

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About The Host


Pilliga Pottery & Farmstay is an owned business. Maria Rickert, the founder, is managing now the business with her family partners Johannes, Regina and Bernhard. They are assisted by Julie the former in-house governess and most gifted artist as well as several loyal team members who assist in making the shop and the café.

We’ve come a long way with this farm and our pottery. But we still see so much potential in it. Our dream is to see this place as an enduring inspiration to others for many generations to come. People have lost something in this modern world and we see our place as a monument to the fact that life doesn’t have to be all about money, material things or wearing the right clothes. This place is about caring, working for the love of it, expressing yourself through creativity and working with nature rather than against it.

Julie Says...“I arrived in the 1990’s as a governess to assist in teaching the children. I was lucky to be raised in a family with a great appreciation for nature. Family bushwalking, camping and canoeing trips taught me to look more closely at things. With National Geographic I developed a real passion for the designs and symbolism of the ancient world. I'm the artistic face of Pilliga Pottery and I am constantly faced with fresh creative challenges”.