Daintree Siesta

1973 Cape Tribulation Rd, Diwan QLD 4873

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At the Daintree Siesta, we have created a venue which focuses on reconnecting with nature and one another. With a desire to deepen our connection to this beautiful place. We've created a venue that allows facilitators and their guests to focus inward, without the chaotic sounds of their day-to-day life.

Located in the heart of the Daintree World Heritage Area, the location is off-grid and gives a feeling of adventure all while providing access to the unique and natural wonders the Daintree has to offer.

Now open to groups and retreats our facilities are perfect for a variety of retreat types. On offer is 12 air-conditioned motel-style rooms with own parking, access & outdoor seating area with a rainforest outlook. All rooms are equipped with kettle, toaster, small fridge and bathrooms. With an inhouse restaurant your guest can enjoy a range of meals for lunch or dinner – breakfast on request. Or we can design a menu suitable to your retreat needs.

Have a large group? Not a problem is we can configure these conformable spaces to accommodate up to 32 guests with a mixture of queen, twin & family rooms.

If rustic is more your style, we have 33 flat and comfortable campsites in our rainforest camping area. Your guest will have access to all cooking and laundry facilities, allowing them to enjoy some creature comforts before you dive into a day of workshops or relaxation.

Looking for things to do? Visitors can enjoy exploring our on-site rainforest walks and spot ancient flora and vulnerable and endangered fauna endemic to the area. Enjoy indigenous and locally grown food, and a whole raft of activities including trips to local beaches, the Great Barrier Reef as well as river boat trip and National Park boardwalks. These trips will make you feel you have travelled to a ancient and untouched place.

Your host Tamara and Bruno are the engaging and lovely owners of this beautiful place. With their support and knowledge, you will be able to create a beautiful experience for you and your guests.

Reach out to Tamara and Bruno today, they both can’t wait to hear from you.

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About The Host
Tamara and Bruno

Tamara and Bruno

In 2019 we packed up our Sydney house and spent a year doing the Big Lap of Australia in a caravan with our two kids, Nicolas and Natasha. After the adrenaline and stress of Sydney life dissipated (after a couple of months!), the transition to primary school Distance Education was commenced and the adjustment to four people living in a very small space was undertaken we spent the rest of the year travelling in a slower style. We didn’t plan weeks ahead and if we liked a place we stayed longer and if we wanted to move on early we did. We discovered so many unexpected places and things by travelling slower which I’ve since discovered is slow travel. We did miss things but enjoyed the journey more.

Our original plan had been to travel clockwise and head to Western Australia but the weather wasn’t looking great so we took a right and travelled through the Flinders Ranges and Central Australia before taking another right to Mt Isa and heading for the Daintree and the Great Barrier Reef and travelling to the Tip, Cape York. After spending time in this area we continued our journey west and eventually made it back to Sydney just in time for COVID!

After settling back into Sydney, lockdown style, we started to wonder if there was something more that we wanted from our life and started throwing ideas around. Buying a caravan park seemed to tick at least some of our boxes so we started to look at what was available and checking out some options. In June 2021 we made a quick trip to the Daintree to take a look at what was then known as Lync Haven.

We sold our Sydney home and finished up our jobs before becoming homeless for a period due to border closures and not being able to cross from NSW to Queensland. Eventually, after a couple of weeks in hotel quarantine and a drive from Brisbane north we made it to Lync Haven in the last week of November – the hottest and most humid time of the year in Tropical North Queensland!