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Bellbunya is set up as an intentional community on 40 acres. We have organic permaculture food gardens, syntropic gardens, wildlife corridors, a creek and lagoon, a conference hall and restaurant and accommodation for up to 30 guests. The Centre is run on 100% renewable energy through our 7.2kva solar panel system and by buying wind farm energy. Get a taste of community life as a visitor or a volunteer, or allow us to host your next conference, retreat or workshop. Limited positions with private en-suite rooms available for new community members committed to natural living. Learn with us by doing and sharing, or participate in a course. We host workshops and courses on permaculture, yoga, holistic health, sustainable design, alternative economics, group processes and more.

Bellbunya also has a large fantastic hall available, capable of fitting 20+ people. See this link to showcase the hall via song. Pricing for the hall is $200 for a day for 10 people or less or $20 pp if more than 20 people. However please contact us to confirm.

About The Host
Bellbunya is owned by a not-for-profit association

Bellbunya is owned by a not-for-profit association

Bellbunya is owned by a not-for-profit association (also a tax-deductible gift recipient). The Association for Sustainable Communities Inc was established in 2007 as a not-for-profit, environmental organisation building relocalised communities that are socially, culturally, financially and ecologically sustainable. We are committed to furthering an ecologically sustainable future through reverence for the environment, each other, and our interdependence. We are creating and modeling ecological and conscious communities, guided by grace, that liberate and nurture the potential of the wider community through social equity, integrity, courage, transformative growth, care of the planet and collaborative enterprises. Inherent in this objective is an acknowledgment of the importance of intergenerational and intragenerational equity in maintaining a sustainable lifestyle, and of conserving and protecting our biological diversity, as recognised by the United Nations in 1987. The Asociation's major projects include establishing a model 4-bottom line sustainable living centre, incorporating an organic farm, intentional community, a conference and education centre to model best-practice sustainable living. The project embodies eco-agriculture, renewable and green technologies, sustainable tenure, ethical financing and sustainable building methods and designs.