Our Values


At Unearthed Retreats we believe that tourism is a vehicle for individual and collective fulfilment. When practised with a open mind, it is an irreplaceable factor of self-education, mutual tolerance and for learning about the legitimate differences between peoples, cultures, ideas and their diversity.

Our team is led by experienced environmental sustainability and business professionals that understand impact. Working with partners such as B1G1 we are working to support causes within Oceania and advocate for ethical and sustainable tourism.


Unearthed Retreats strives to continually meet and exceed our environmental and social responsibility and through partnership with Buy One, Give One (B1G1) we intend to increase our capacity for give -back in line with our growth. 

We are committed to sustainability and proactively seek partnerships that respect and advance principles of environmental responsibility, ethical travel and building communities, with specific focus on wildlife rehabilitation, rainforest conservation and indigenous education

We choose every retreat partner and experience with care based on a collective focus on reducing carbon emissions, single use plastics and negative impacts on our natural environment and local cultures. We are committed to and informed by actions and principles that ensure environmental protection, enhance communities and protect human and animal rights.