Zen, Tai Chi & Yoga Retreat

Jan 24 - Mar 24', 3 nights

Zen, Tai Chi & Yoga Retreat
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Retreat Highlights

- Enjoy our beautiful gardens

- Enhance or commence you understanding of Zen Buddhism

- Leading and qualified teachers

- Traditional and authentic experience

- Vegetarian food provided 

The Zen Buddhist and Yoga Retreat program allows you the time to reflect and contemplate amidst one acre of gardens where the grounds change as the sun passes over. You may wish to find yourself a quiet corner to practice deeper meditation, read, snooze or go for a walk. The retreat provides full days of activities (including yoga, Tai Chi, and meditation) and plenty of time with the teachers or your own contemplation.

The key focus of this retreat is to simply show you how to live your life with less suffering.  Through Zen & Yogic teachings, we offer you the tools to understand what it is that causes you to suffer, and how to apply antidotes so that you can live a life of contentment and happiness.




About The Host

Rosalie (Mawar) Allan &  Fushin Daijo Yin Chao

Rosalie (Mawar) Allan & Fushin Daijo Yin Chao

Rose has been studying yoga, meditation, and massage therapy for over 30 years. She believes in keeping the practice gentle, yet challenging, using her knowledge of both the physical and psychological self.

​Fushin began his practice of meditation in the late 1970s and the study of Buddhism in the late 1990s. Ordained as a Zen Buddhist priest, he brings to the program 40 years of knowledge and understanding.




Things to keep in mind