Yoga, Writing, Creation and Transformation Retreat in the Flinders Ranges

23 Sep 22', 5 nights

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Retreat Highlights 

  • A unique experience that will awaken your creativity and transformation
  • Small, intimate journey
  • A mix of indoors and outdoors practices
  • Including wholesome vegetarian meals
  • Adventure in landscape exploration and personal writing

Join Sally and Verity for 6 days and 5 nights amidst the amazing Flinders Ranges in South Australia. Both are experienced mentors in their respective fields. They will be your guides to this opportunity to engage with your body and mind through yoga, chant and meditation, to explore your creative self through writing, to expand your imagination through story and to nourish yourself through walking this sacred country.

By immersion in and engagement with the natural rhythms of this unique world you will be inspired and transformed. This is a soulful, intimate adventure (6 participants only).


The founder of Ruby 9 Yoga, Sally Riddell, is a fully qualified Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist and Vedic Chant teacher in the tradition of T. Krishnamacharya. 

In this tradition yoga is an holistic, practical and experiential practice that respects the needs and abilities of each student. Each student is encouraged on a personal journey towards physical and mental health and spiritual growth.


The Flinders Ranges is a region of astonishing beauty, a landscape of primal magnitude. The day starts crisp and cool with the dawn light. The earth pulses red and gold; and the songs of the land hum through ground, trees, bushes, and grasses, echoed by the large and small creatures of place. At day’s end, the fiery sun descends, and the night sky reveals the brightest of stars filling layer upon layer of dark, endless space.

The energy of this environment is palpable. Here the earth holds her own stories – stories in the rocks and in the skies, stories of ancient creatures, stories of the peoples of this land. Through local custodian Kristian Coulthard, we aim to bring those stories to you, and for you to evolve your own.



About The Host

Ruby 9 Yoga Teachers and Guideline Team

Ruby 9 Yoga Teachers and Guideline Team

Sally Riddell (Ruby 9 Yoga) is a Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist and teacher of Vedic Chant from Perth, Western Australia who has trained in the tradition of T. Krishnamacharya. Sally uses all the tools of yoga in a way that includes each person in a manner appropriate for them. Her personal style of teaching is inspired by the resonance of chant, the wonder of storytelling and the relevance of metaphor. She is passionate about the power of yoga, Vedic Chant, and meditation to guide and inform our daily life and the ways in which our lives intertwine with the rhythms of the natural world. Sally has led walking and yoga retreats in Western Australia, Spain, and India.

Dr Verity Laughton is an award-winning Adelaide-based playwright of more than 30 professionally produced works. Her plays have been produced locally, nationally, and internationally and include work for mainstage drama, dance, puppets, and radio. She has also worked for television and video production. Her most recent works are the verbatim theatre piece Long Tan, produced by Brink Productions and published by Currency Press, and The Red Cross Letters, produced by the State Theatre Company of South Australia and published by Five Senses Education, alongside prose, poetry, and academic articles. She is currently working on a new commission for the STCSA production in 2023.

Verity completed a PhD in political theatre at Flinders University in 2020. In late 2019/2020, she also and immediately undertook a four-month project to research and write a report on the creative industries in regional South Australia for the Legatus Group.

She is a member of the playwrights’ group, 7-ON ( Her works have been published by Currency Press, Phoenix Education, Federation Press, Omnibus Books, and others. She has taught creative writing at community, industry, and tertiary level throughout her career.

Kristian Coultard is an Adnymathanha man who was born and grew up in the Flinders Ranges.

From a lineage of artists and guides, Kristian combines his knowledge of country with a range of craft educative, storytelling and management skills. Kristian knows his country; he knows the languages and the tales; he knows the mythology and geology, the flora and fauna of Adnymathana country, and he is enthusiastic, both highly informed and generous in the way he shares his knowledge and love of his place of birth.

Kristian has worked as a guide in the Wilpena and Blinman regions for many years. He is also in demand as a teacher and guide for schools and universities and as an advisor for government and ecological organisations.

This region is homeland country for the Adnyamathanha people, of the Central Flinders Ranges. It was and is a meeting point for several Aboriginal tribes, namely the Kuyani, Arabunna, Kokatha, Nukunu and Barngarla peoples. The region is rich in songline stories, and the landscape holds and amplifies the physical, mental, cultural, and spiritual narratives of these peoples.



Things to keep in mind