Yoga & Self Care with Essential Oils Retreat

26 Nov 21, 2 nights

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Learn how to make your very own skin & cleaning products using Essential Oils. This will save not only from applying chemicals to your body & home everyday but an absolute fortune in products costs. This retreat will pay for itself.

What is Hatha Yoga?

'Ha' is Sanskrit for sun and 'tha' is for moon, Hatha yoga is therefore a union of opposites. In our Hatha yoga classes we will hold and explore certain yoga poses and their therapeutic benefits. (Often completing one yoga pose and then its counter pose). Hatha yoga is designed to help us bring pairs of opposites together in our hearts, minds, and bodies for the purpose of discovering something deeper about ourselves. 

Benefits for the Body:

  •   Improved flexibility, balance and strength
  •   Improved core strength and cardiovascular endurance
  •   Increased energy and vitality
  •   Improved immune functioning and digestion
  •   Calms the nervous system
  •   Weight Management

Benefits for the Mind:

  •   Stress relief
  •   Improved concentration, determination and mental focus
  •   Emotional stability
  •   Transforms old habits into inspiring ways of being present

Benefits for your Soul:

  •   Emotionally uplifting and life affirming
  •   Greater self-awareness and well-being
  •   Connection to spirit and others

From my Yoga teaching experience – the less you do the more powerful and transformative your practice will be.

Self Care with Essential Oils

We are all exposed to toxicity from so many sources so start eliminating these toxins by immersing yourself into the wonders and power of essential oils.

You will make and take home the following products:

  • Face Spritzer – 100% natural
  • Natural Deodorant 
  • Natural Hand Sanitiser – a definite must for every handbag
  • Natural Handwash
  • Toilet Bombs
  • Stonetop Bench Cleaner
  • All purpose Cleaner
  • Yoga Mat Cleaner

Self-Pamper Day:

  • Face Scrub
  • Face Mask     
  • Detox Foot Bath
  • Body Coffee Scrub

Plus you will be soaking your weary feet in an amazing soothing blend of essential oils and salts whilst your face is covered with a food face mask after a natural and gentle face scrub.



About The Host

Carole van Dijk

Carole van Dijk

Balance for Life Founder

Carole is a qualified Master Trainer Level 2 (Cert III & IV in Fitness) with the Australian Institute of Fitness and also a Laughter Yoga Facilitator, Bootcamp and Boxing Instructor.  She also is a certified EFT/TFT Master Practitioner, Food Coach & Reiki Practitioner.

She holds a Bachelor degree in Vocational and Adult Education & Diploma of Frontline Management and has owned and operated a highly successful training business for many years.  She is a member of the Australian Register of Exercise Professionals with Fitness Australia.

Carole's promise to you is to help you improve your mental and physical wellbeing & flexibility, accommodate all levels of experience and provides an enriching experience for ANYbody.



Things to keep in mind