Winter Meditation Retreat - Mt Tamborine

10 Aug 23, 3 nights

Winter Meditation Retreat  - Mt Tamborine
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Retreat Highlights 

  • Glamping in serenity
  • Sitting by a campfire
  • Paddling on a lake
  • Visiting Wineries
  • Expressing your creativity
  • Yoga, meditation and singing bowls
  • Exploring new places
  • Meeting new people
  • Walking in nature, gardens and waterfalls

Is it time you got your life back and did something for yourself?

Do you want to learn how to sleep better, manage stressful situations, stop overthinking the past and worrying about the future - so you can enjoy a peaceful life now - not later? 

Would you like to

  • Have a clearer mind for greater peace, focus and clarity?
  • Have easier relationships with friends, family, partners, clients and colleagues?
  • Rediscover your feminine presence to attract what you want both personally and professionally.
  • Connect in with your intuition for effortless decision making. 
  • Slow down and do something for yourself?

then join me for three nights on a secluded farm at the base of Mount Tamborine -

This picturesque 200 acre property sets the scene for the Cultivating a Calm Mind Retreat.

Just one hour from Brisbane and the Gold Coast and two hours from the Sunshine Coast.



About The Host

Medittaion Sunshine Coast Team

Medittaion Sunshine Coast Team

Michelle Eckles


Michelle is the owner of Meditation Sunshine Coast and author of Cultivating a Calm Mind.

She is passionate about educating and demonstrating the benefits of practising mindfulness and meditation, both at home and in the workplace, to help reduce feelings of overwhelm and stress, and increase feelings of calm, clarity and connection. Michelle is a member of the Meditation Association of Australia and and a Veriditas trained and certified labyrinth facilitator. She is a preferred supplier for the Healthy Sunshine Coast program and Career, Money, Life. With over 20 years experience in the events industry, Michelle gets to combine her two passions now to create memorable retreats.

Simone Michelle


Simone Michelle from Balance and Flow 4life has a strong passion to inspire the whole family to nurture and empower the mind, body and spirit through mindfulness, meditation and yoga.

With an extensive background in meditation and yoga and experience working with children, Simone offers a range of classes, workshops and programs on the Sunshine Coast.

Simone also has a strong interest in empowering and inspiring women in the Art of Feminine Presence offerings.

Gillian Smith


Gillian is a mixed media artist with an endless curiosity about all aspects of the creative process and its connection to sacred energy.

She enjoys exploring the interaction of various media and techniques and their relationship with each other. Her art comes from inner awareness and is more a heart/body connection rather than coming from headspace. This enables her to get out of her way, connect to the creative source, allow the energy to flow onto the page and work with what manifests.

Gillian believes that everyone is a Creative Pilgrim on their journey of discovery, guided by intention and intuition.

Her mission is to inspire and encourage creative energy to flourish through art and workshops by assisting others in exploring the creative process in their unique way.



Things to keep in mind