Whitsundays Sailing & Freediving Live - Aboard Expedition

21 May 22, 5 nights

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Retreat Highlights

- 6 days sailing the Whitsunday Island

- Step ashore on Whitehaven Beach

- Experience the wonder which is the Great Barrier Reef.

- Everything you'll need including instruction, guidance, support, healthy meals & snacks, breathwork instruction and more will be personally provided

- Enjoy the time to settle into your luxurious yacht

- Chill Out and recharge

- Learn the skills to have the mental fortitude to overcome fear

- 100% personalized coaching, guideline and the attention you need based on your own skill levels when it comes to sailing, freediving and breathwork.

- Freediving to depths of 10 to 4m with clear visibility, but you'll also have plenty of time to snorkel and explore at your own pace.


Breathless is the space between science and the unknown; the space between the head and the heart; between learning and feeling. The space between doing and being. It's the culmination of several industry leaders collective years of research into and practice of different breathing protocols and holistic wellbeing methods, studying under some of the world’s most renowned breathwork experts and investigating the science - both old and the new. Breathless combines well-known, ancient breathwork techniques with new and altogether revolutionary neuroscience and studies into human potential, in one place. We believe that by learning to become aware of our breath and how it impacts on us, we can influence our health, our mental state, the way we feel, the way we move; the way we live.


Not only are the Whitsundays part of one of the 7 natural wonders of the world, but it's one of the most beautiful, breathtaking, exotic, and magical places on the entire planet.

On this six day/five night retreat hosted by industry leaders in their field, you will deepen your personal connection with the this natural wonder while undertaking daily freediving, snorkelling, yoga and breathwork classes.



About The Host




Johannes has led an inspiring life of tremendous self-discovery, enlightenment, and diversity, even being featured in GQ Magazine and ABC news. Although coming from a rocky upbringing, he never failed to look for the silver lining while staying busy with creative endeavours. Having previously served as a Head Chef, Sculptor, and Freediving Instructor, he always looked for positive outlets to channel all his energy but seemingly hit a dead-end. By a shocking twist of fate, he was introduced to something unexpected that would alter the direction of his life forever – controlled breathing. This relatively untapped field immediately resonated with Johannes, and he has since relentlessly cultivated knowledge on the subject from brilliant minds such as Wim Hof, Laird Hamilton, and many others.

 After adequately equipping himself with the tools and experience needed, he decided to start his own holistic wellness brand known as, Breathless. With all the noise in today’s society, people are more disconnected than ever from themselves and each other. Through the ancient teachings of controlled breathing, Johannes looks to shed light on a lost art that is both beneficial mentally and physically, even spiritually. With world-renowned clientele such as David Goggins, Ludovico Einaudi, A-League Sports Teams, and some of Australia’s largest companies taking notice of this practice, the future is brighter than ever for Johannes and Breathless.

As someone who was saved by the simple act of changing his breathing, Johannes has made it his life mission to be a beacon of guidance for those who want to do the same. Throughout this spiritual journey, he has tinkered with countless methodologies and theories, which has enabled him to deliver only the relevant information that will spark real change. The immense exposure breathwork has gotten in recent years has allowed him to speak in front of audiences in excess of 5000 people, with the aim of inspiring them so we can all learn to inhabit the space between each breath.

Chelsea Mazzini

Chelsea lives and breathes her practice and is on a journey to bring her brightest light to the world.

Using her 20 years of expertise in the Health and Wellness communities, along with her experience at National Level in the sporting worlds of Netball and AFL, Chelsea uses a range of disciplines and techniques when she works with her clients and community.

From Corrective Exercise, Dance and Freedom Movement, Himalayan Breathwork and Sattva Integrative Practise, Yoga and Tai Chi, Ice Baths, Dance and Reiki, Chelsea will work her magic to leave you feeling inspired, energised and empowered.

Understanding that we each have our own challenges, expectations of ourselves and concerns, Chelsea draws on her own lived experiences of trauma, addiction and mental health to help you navigate your own journey, show you your true potential and help guide you to live your life in balance in your most authentic and truest way.





Things to keep in mind