Serengeti Yoga Retreat Margaret River

14 Jul 22', 4 nights

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Retreat Highlights 

• Introduction of Yoga Philosophy
• Asana (posture practice)
• Practice workshop (Pranayama),
• Purification Practice (Cleansing)
• Sensory Inspired Workshops
• Ice bath & Sauna workshop
• Delicious Ayurvedic meals catered by Hayley, a qualified nutritionist, and planned dosha to help in meal balancing (Plant based)
• The Premalaya venue is set on a graceful 6 acre, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the beauty and sounds of the surroundings

No, not the vast ecosystem in east- central Africa but an ever growing community of humans with an international focus towards growth and evolution of body, mind and soul. You may be wondering why Serengeti? Here on Noongar Boodjar, Perth Western Australia.

The inspiration behind Serengete has many symbolic meanings. We believe everyone has the ability to migrate from one place in their lives to another, welcoming transition and embracing change throughout joyous times or hardships, Just like the actual Serengeti, Life comes in waves or rather herds or sometimes we can be met with an ambush, Health and wellness can be a little like, Whether you need guidance, the space to explore or a pride to run with. Our inclusive nature and raw approach in all we do means anyone can join our family. We believe as a species we are a part of one race, the human race. By coming together and sharing experiences we are able to better understand the differences within our cultures, religious, belief, political beliefs, sexual orientations, heritage, and life experience.

The Maasai word "Serengeti" means "endless plains"



About The Host

Lamb & Jeff x

Lamb & Jeff x

You know the old saying, you're the Yin to my Yang? It’s so overplayed but honestly, we couldn't think of a more fitting analogy. We met in the early 2000’s where Lamb (that’s me) cut Jeff from the contemporary section in a dance audition (I’ll let you take a moment to visualise). 10 years later and our union is somewhat different to that first meet.

We are two creative souls who reconnected in 2019, bonding over our love for music, plant based foods, dance and anything creative. Jeff’s love of capturing moments behind the lens and his ability to support all that I do meant that it was inevitable to join forces and serve together. We are honoured to deliver quality, well thought out and heart felt retreats and we hope you feel the love we have put into them. Can’t wait to meet you all.

Lamb & Jeff x



Things to keep in mind