Ocean Retreat - Atlantis Call - 7 Day

Apr 23 - May 23, 6 nights

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Retreat Highlights

  • Freediving, Scuba Diving, Kite & Windsurfing, Underwater Dancing, Water Confidence/Swimming (international certificates available)
  • Yoga, Breathwork meditation every day
  • Private Beach Access
  • Clean up dive with locals
  • Daily sharing circle and integration
  • Private bookings with any of our facilitators for an individual/mini-group session
  • Desert night with bedouins
  • Boat trip to a hidden reef
  • Ecstatic dance with ceremony
  • Super healthy and powerful meals catered to your needs, organic and local
  • Stay in a Bedouin Camp in a National Park by the Red Sea
  • Snorkeling tour of one of the best coral reefs in the world
  • Dolphin Trip with the Dolphin Watch Alliance in “El Gouna”
  • Private Tour of the Giza Pyramids in Cairo


Water is the element of emotional release, intuition, and inner reflection. Our private and mini-group classes in Freediving, Scuba, Swimming and Water Confidence will make you immerse into your deep authentic self. You will get in touch with your deepest fears and strongest growth opportunities alike.


Let yourself get carried away by the waves and winds of The Red Sea. The more you let go the more you will be able to release. Wind & Kitesurfing and foil-windsurfing will guide you home.


The artist produces the liberation of his soul. It is his nature to create as it is the nature of water to run down the hill. Discover and create your new authentic self through Underwater Dance/Photography, Ecstatic Dance and applied arts.


After the immense growth opportunities of a full day deep in the sea we will help you to discover and formulate your deepest inner journey through yoga, breathwork, meditation, Somatic Therapy and over 20 Body, Mind, Soul Activities.



About The Host

Oceanic Ventures Team

Oceanic Ventures Team

Captain Fabian 

Fabian grew up in Berlin and learnt how to windsurf in the Baltic Sea from his father as a little boy. He worked with technology startups, the United Nations and organized trips to 16 African countries supporting entrepreneurs. In his thirties he entered a personal crisis resulting in burnout and depression.

He started listening to his inner wisdom and started volunteering in dolphin conservation in the Red Sea. He began to swim with wild dolphins every day and connected deeper to the sea. His dream is to assist people in exploring their inner world by going deep into the sea and having the best time of their life.

He spends his free time in the water doing free diving, windsurfing, kitesurfing and also enjoys the mindful community of Dahab that offers so much wealth.

Lee Chen

After completing her studies in Actuarial Mathematics in 2019, she embarked on a journey to seek her own truth. She learned martial arts in China, became a skier in Turkey, a freediver in Egypt, and renovated a big house in America. She hiked great mountains, traversed long paths in wilderness, backpacked in dozens of countries all on her own. The magic of water has kept her in Dahab and the Red Sea is now what she can call her home. She decided to heed the Atlantis Call before continuing on her pursuit in Computer Science and Cryptography in the US.



Things to keep in mind