Mt Hotham Breathwork & Cold Water Immersion Retreat

Jun 22 - Jul 22, 3 nights

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• Summit Mt Feathertop & Mt Hotham in this Mid-Winter Expedition
• Cold water immersion
• Glacial River swims
• Snowshoeing expedition
• Daily Breath-work exercises with live music performances
• Team building activities & challenges in wild nature
• Summit a mountain in minimal clothing


If you’re looking for adventure, a taste of the wild and the chance to go beyond what you thought possible, then join us as to the mountains we go. Hike snow covered trails, take in the awe inspiring views, swim in ice cold lakes and learn how to be with your breath, yourself and each other in nature.

Out in this beautiful frozen landscape, go beyond your comfort zone and find community, camaraderie and serenity along the way.

Let yourself be guided through the breathwork sessions, along the mountain trails, into the crystal clear waters and closer to who you really are, knowing you will return home with a fresh perspective, a deeper sense of self and that call to the wild answered on every level.

We will be there to guide and support you every step of the way.

To help you make this your own journey.

To allow you the space and provide you with the tools to tap into your inner superhuman.

No matter what your fitness level is, no matter what you’re looking to get out of this time away, you will leave armed with the knowledge and daily practices to enhance your mental, emotional and physical wellness and embrace your true full potential.


Breathless is the space between science and the unknown, between the head and the heart, between learning and feeling, the space between doing and being, between who you are and who you are becoming.

Combining ancient breathwork techniques with revolutionary neuroscience and studies into human potential, we believe that by learning to become aware of our breath and how it impacts on us, we can influence our health, our mental state, the way we feel, the way we move and ultimately, the way we live.

As Australia’s No. 1 leading breathwork educational program, we are all about getting out into nature and into our souls. Get high, go deep and let your breath set you free.




About The Host



Johannes Egberts

Johannes Egberts is a certified Alpine Guide, Freedive Instructor, yoga teacher and breathwork

After experiencing first hand the transformative power of breath in his own life, Johannes spent years studying, training and researching into all kinds of breathwork methods and
techniques under the guidance of world leading experts such as Wim Hof, Patrick McKeown and Laird Hamilton before setting up Breathless in 2019.

Always teaching, always creating, always learning, Johannes has guided thousands of people in his workshops, retreats and expeditions including the NRL NZ Warriors, David Goggins, Ludovico Einaudi to mention but a few.

Joana Ruival

Joana has been studying music, meditation, yoga, breath work, shamanic journeying and healing techniques for 20 years. She will provide live music for connecting, journeying and healing.

Joana has facilitated and guided more then 10 expeditions with Breathless and brings the heart to every moment.

Tyson Muir

Tyson is a Paramedic, specializing in remote medicine and security. After having served in high performance units in the military for over a decade, he devoted himself to working in medicine. Tyson has completed the Kokoda track over a dozen times and has many stories to share as well as hugs to give.

Ernest hoking

Ernie brings over twenty years of combined experience as an adventure guide, climbing instructor, alpine guide and defence professional. Specializing in risk management and adventure consolation, when he is not climbing the mountains in his Tasmanian homeland he helps Breathless expeditions reach new heights.



Things to keep in mind