Mission Beach Yoga Retreat

Jun 23 - Oct 23, 6 nights

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Retreat Highlights

Retreat to the lush beachside rainforest at mission beach and reconnect with the essence of your true, peaceful nature. Nestled in the vines for 6 glorious nights you'll enjoy daily yoga, meditation and breath work, 4 x beach boot camp sessions and incredible vegetarian cuisine showcasing the bounty of the region. You'll also gain life enhancing knowledge during the workshops on retreat to help you live a happy, stress-free life full of peace and purpose.

You will learn a range of holistic practices to improve your wellbeing including:
• Healthy habits for a long & happy life
• Nourishing activities to support your inner and outer healing journey
• Nutrition essentials & intuitive eating to restore your digestion
• Simple strategies to conquer stress
• Breathing techniques for health, peace & productivity
• Fitness essentials you can incorporate into your life moving forward
• Mindfulness strategies to excel at work and in life



About The Host



Emily Spurling (Yoga)

Emily's laid back and inclusive approach resonates with first time students and advanced yogis alike. Emily has been recognised as an industry expert and can be found on FMTV.com alongside other wellness exerts such as Deepak Chopra and Jamie Oliver. 

Emily is a Yoga teacher and Certified Holistic Health Coach who loves sharing the ultimate toolbox for becoming your best authentic self. Emily is an eternal student of yoga globally and is formally trained in Hatha and Vinyasa flow, she has beautifully combined these styles to create her own much loved yoga experience. This 'fusion' style is the perfect blend of light and shade, one flow will have you generating heat and building lean muscle and the next you will be blissing out in a slow, opening restorative sequence. Emily is also a Thai Masseuse whose hands on adjustments in class help you to slip into the perfect pose and a state of deep relaxation. 

Emily is drawn to yoga and meditation as a way to become fully present and 'show up' as the best version of herself in all areas of life. “We are all expected to wear so many different 'hats' every day, as a mother of two beautiful children, a wife, entrepreneur and teacher, to name a few, it can be really confusing and challenging to stay grounded, positive and on my path. If we are not living in the moment then we're not showing up, Yoga and meditation are my secret weapon and it is my pleasure to share this gift with you.”

Bec has a passion for understanding and enhancing the human mind and body. Her background in Exercise Science, Pilates and Myotherapy has now lead her onto a path of breath work methods. Bec is a qualified Wim Hof instructor and oxygen advantage coach. Overall Bec just loves education! She believes knowledge is power, and then applying the knowledge is strength. The combination of both allows you to go beyond what you ‘think’ you're capable of. Balance is the key to life. If we stay in a comfort zone we will head into dis-ease (out of balance) but if we move too much into discomfort (stress all the time!) then we will burn ourselves out. Bec loves to educate people on how to stay in balance. The combination of rest and stress will help you get the best experience out of life!

Overall Bec loves helping people achieve their goals and finding their drive, passion and path in life. Not letting self limited beliefs hold them back from what they are truely capable of.

Hilton Brandao (Personal Trainer)

Hi, Hilton Brandao here !
A funny Sagittarius, born in Brazil but an Australian Citizen for the last 15 years. Graduated in Biology/Science degree who decided to flip the page and deep into the fitness industry becoming a Personal trainer and for the last 5 years owner of F45 Training Woodville in South Australia.

My main role in the retreat will be to take you all through a body weight high intensity Bootcamp workout in paradise. Obviously with my experience in rehab I will also be adjusting the workouts to fit in everyone’s needs. Looking forward in meeting you all at Mission Beach.

Peter Nitschke (Personal Trainer)

Hi, Peter Nitschke here, Country boy from South Australia who has been working for QANTAS for over 20 yeas travelling and living in almost all big Australian cities. Not to mention my passion for wine which started after completing my year 12 studies and I decided to enter the winery industry as a lab technician which is where I found my love for hospitality. After meeting Hilton, 10 years ago our passion for Fitness just

become our priority and so we decided to flip the page, become personal trainers and open our very first business. Since then have been changing lives and making fitness fun for many inside our own F45 training studio in Adelaide. We look forward to be taking you all through a body weight high intensity Bootcamp workout in paradise to keep you balanced between Zen and Exhausted.



Things to keep in mind