Lemurian Dream Island & Ocean Retreat

8 Sept & 14 Oct 22, 3 nights

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Retreat Highlights 

• Healing massage 1hr
• Womb awakening group session
• 4 Elemental vinyasa yoga classes
• Oceanic yoga on the beach
• Sunset movement meditation
• Organic - Island beauty session
• Sunrise ecstatic dance and cacao!
• Spirit breath journey
• Spring water/ fire purification ceremony
• Lemurian dreaming meditation
• Organic plant based cooking demonstrations, raw dessert making, delicious meals, spring water and herbal teas (all gluten free and dairy free)
• Super nutrition coaching
• Whale watching (May to Sept)

We come together with the intention to reset and rejuvenate in the sacred waters, reconnect with the essence of the divine feminine and generate deep healing through the practices of yoga, breath, meditation, dance, massage and sharing. Nourishing organic plant based meals will support the process and energise body and mind.

Lemuria was a ‘heaven on earth’ that existed deep in the pacific millions of years ago. Lemurians were believed to be highly peaceful beings living in harmony with nature. We feel that this island paradise carries the energy of Lumeria to present day to remind us of the eternal freedom of our spirit, connection with mother ocean and the bliss of being One with nature.



About The Host

Kat Ford & Sananda Rise

Kat Ford & Sananda Rise

Elemental Yoga | Ecstatic Dance | Super Plant-Based Nutrition

Kat is a nature inspired yoga and conscious dance teacher with over 15 years experience developing and teaching a unique island style of Elemental vinyasa yoga, Somatic movement therapy and Ecstatic embodiment dance. Kat is also the founder of Samadhi Eco Yoga Retreats, located on North Stradbroke Island where she lives with her 2 spirited daughters and island family, in harmony with nature.

Kat’s connection with mother earth and Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island) is integral in her evolution and offerings as a teacher. The practices are very grounded, yet fluid, exploring the elements of our wild nature. Kat's teachings are deeply healing, both energetically, emotionally and physically and include therapeutic practices for the back, neck, shoulders and spine, heart awakening, activation of life-force energy and conscious expansion. Her classes are an organic integration of movement, breath medicine, meditation and music.

Inter-weaved into her retreats, Kat shares her wisdom and recipes on Plant based super nutrition from living a healthy vegan lifestyle for over 20yrs and her background in science (BaSCI).

Kat is also dedicated to sharing ancient healing Breath practices for deep inner peace and blissful states of being. She holds regular Breathwork ceremonies on the island and on retreat.

Held by her heart centred angelic energy and devotion to dharma, Kat aims to connect students with their true essence in a safe, supportive and sacred space.

Yoga, Energy Healing & Bodywork | Free Spirit Medicine

Sananda Rise Ocean Earth Yoga / Energy / Sound Healing / Bodywork Sananda has been a practising yogi for well over 20 yrs and has 10 years of teaching Bringing together Hatha flow, Vinyasa and Ashtanga. Nature is her deep love. She is extremely passionate about breathwork and movement integrating different forms throughout her teaching. 

Ultimately finding deep peace within and freedom. Sananda is a nature-loving feminine who feels deeply about unity within and each soul finding what truly makes us smile we can share and shine for humanity. Her sharing is an organic blend of all of these beautiful teachings that she feels support and awaken all senses to the flow of nature within... Over the years also holding Soul Freedom retreats, facilitating Samadhi Retreats and others. Sananda has studied many forms of massage over the years, from Lomi Lomi, Balinese, Thai Reiki etc Channelling, sacred sound song healing. Over the years her deep journey to both physical and spiritual healing has become her only true path. 

Growing up on the West Coast of SA her heartfelt the calling of Mother Earth and our beloved Oceans. Over the years of meeting many Medicine healers globally, she realised that her love wasn't just a calling it is was her path and medicine to share. Over the past 5 years, Sananda has also been working with sisters on there personal rising through womb healing circles and day retreats. Working with trauma pain and loss. Her ultimate love for all to come home to there sovereignty and live a life of purpose and freedom...

A life that loves Mother Earth Unity, Love Freedom Sananda Medicine Woman.



Things to keep in mind