Inner Landscaping - Permaculture for the Soul

30 Jan 23, 12 nights

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Retreat  Highlights

The twelve grounding practices and rituals focus on embodying the fullness of who you are to be fully and joyfully alive, leading you into a subtle, playful and powerful experience of growth often described by participants as 'awakening'. 

Participants often say that the process helped them to 'remember' who they are, and to feel more 'awake'. You’ll also learn to practice new skills and habits to: 

  • Nourish your creativity
  • Revitalize your ideas about what life can offer
  • Work with your true nature, rather than against it
  • Connect to your community and be your own guru!


An oasis located on a 20-acre estate in the beautiful Southern Highlands. 

Springfield offers space to pause, rest, and restore. Leave behind the hustle of your daily grind. Your first deep breath of country air will be the beginning of a beautiful transformation of body & mind


Inner landscaping expands the way you see, feel and think - forever changing the way you experience your world. Direct experiences of the ecological nature of reality and consciousness start with the idea that energy exists in everything in nature, as the source of life, the life-force and the essence of creativity. It explores the supreme wisdom of nature, based on the premise that life always seeks the ultimate conditions for life. Then, embracing the idea that we too are nature, the inner landscaping practices and rituals unearth that same inherent wisdom within our own inner landscapes.

Inner landscaping doesn’t ask you to believe in anything, it invites you to try the practices and rituals to experience yourself as ecoself (connected to all of life ecologically) through deep, embodied experiences of nature, soothing our primordial ache to know and feel that we are part of something bigger than ourselves, increasing our awareness of the exquisite truth and beauty of the oneness of life on Earth and beyond.

Inner landscaping practices and rituals, taught over 12 sessions, are inspired by permaculture, Australia’s greatest intellectual export, in a synthesis of Kinchem’s expertise drawn from her lifelong curiosity  about creativity and the power of story.

Inner landscaping has been taught in Bali, Sydney, Vietnam, Amsterdam (and online) to an international community from  Budapest to New York, and  Singapore to Paris.



About The Host

Kinchem Hegedus

Kinchem Hegedus

A third-culture child who then journeyed the expat road, Kinchem Hegedus lived in New York, Chicago and Singapore, earning an MFA in Fiction Writing and GraduateDiploma in Permaculture Design, learning from the likes of David Holmgren, Penny Livingstone, David Key, Stuart Hill, Luna Wood, Deepak Chopra, John Schultz and Karen Joy Fowler.

Kinchem has previously worked in venture capital, product development, strategy and start-ups in the banking/finance, education, real estate and non-profit sectors.

It was in Bali, living deep in the jungle and immersed in the Green School community and ancient Balinese culture, that she created Inner Landscaping, transforming the lives of educators, global nomads, creatives, olympians, lawyers, philanthropists, designers, bankers, engineers and mavericks.

Now based in Australia, Kinchem, her partner Peter and daughter Shannon, have created Life at Springfield, a sustainable retreat, hosting those who want to live more creatively and sustainably.



Things to keep in mind