4 Day fundamenTELLE Essential Detox Retreat, Lesmurdie WA

02 Feb 24, 4 Days, 3 Nights

4 Day fundamenTELLE Essential Detox Retreat, Lesmurdie WA
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Retreat Highlights 

Transformational Breathwork

  • Release chronic physical holding patterns and strategies / stored emotions
  • Increase oxygenation throughout the body
  • Stimulate circulation
  • Align chakras and balance the flow of energy through the body
  • Tap into inner natural resources in order to see solutions to problems and access your inner healer
  • Clear lymphatic system, detox toxins and increase immunity
  • Fastest way to alkalise the body and eliminate acids
  • Create a deeper connection with yourself in order to release past traumas
  • Resets the nervous system

Juice Fasting

  • Nutrient boosting
  • Promotes detoxification, strengthens immunity, resulting in healing
  • Reduces inflammatory diseases
  • Breaks addiction & promotes rapid weight loss
  • Increases energy
  • Significantly reduces risks of cancer, heart disease, strokes, diabetes and many other diseases

Ice Baths & Cold Therapy

  • Improve circulation & blood flow
  • Reduce inflammation & aches & pains
  • Elevate your mood

Other healing modalities

  • Tibetan Rites
  • Movement
  • Still Meditation
  • Nobel Silence

On this long weekend retreat, we'll use essential protocols based on the fundamental principles of health to open the channels of elimination, remove toxicity and support the body's natural ability to Heal and Flourish 

Our bodies have an amazing capacity to heal given the right conditions and nutrients. A juice Feast takes the pressure off the digestive system, thereby allowing real healing to take place. The benefits of this method of Detox are far reaching and can even result in health issues dissipating. Regardless of your health goals, the end result of achieving optimum health and improving energy is a great reason to undertake a cleanse!!

Transformational Breathwork is a technique done lying down using conscious, connected breathing. It activates a high frequency of electromagnetic vibration throughout the body and mind. The work allows you to go deep within yourself, enabling you to let go of the past, clear out suppressed emotions, reset your nervous system and access more of your intuition. We all know how to breathe, but we don't all know how to breathe for ultimate health and longevity. It's a simple technique with profound results.

Combined with multiple other healing modalities such as periods of noble silence, still meditation,
movement and ice baths, this retreat is the perfect opportunity to dive deep in the healing practices of many different styles of Breathwork whilst safely exploring juice Feasting.

Give yourself the gift to rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit. Leave inspired to live a healthier life,
improving your wellbeing, removing toxins from your life and feel happier, look younger and live longer.




About The Host

Britelle Humfrey

Britelle Humfrey

Ever felt like you do all the right "things?" Drink the water, eat the foods, get the sunshine and so on.... but still feel like there's a piece of the puzzle missing and somethings not quite right? This was me. Until I started looking at the emotional issues I was subconsciously carrying around with me every single day. It's been has been a massive part of my personal journey that I'm now blessed to be able to share with you.

Having studied under amazing mentors such as Tyler - Tolman - detoxification specialist, and Trey Williams - breathwork specialist, I aim to utilise my teaching qualifications and my love of facilitation to bring together a powerful healing modality based in the fundamenTELLE principle of simply learning how to love ourselves again.

I've been fortunate enough be on the receiving end of the magic that can happen when emotional and physical healing are combined in a supportive and safe environment and how amazing it feels to have true self- love and self-worth when it’s been missing for a long time.

Our bodies are truly amazing, and when our energy comes from self-love, EVERYTHING in life becomes easier. If you're ready for self-love and ease and flow in your life, come join me!



Things to keep in mind