Freediving, Yoga and Breathwork in the Rainforest

SOLD OUT - 16 Jul 23', 5 nights

Freediving, Yoga and Breathwork in the Rainforest
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Retreat Highlights 

• Spend 5 days / 4 nights in luxury accommodation
• 4 depth freediving sessions
• 1 session of dynamic freediving
• Breath holding sessions
• Multiple freediving workshops
• Freediving Certifications
• Daily yoga and Freediving yoga
• Daily breathwork sessions
• Fresh organic food
• Liability Insurance
• Online membership to a training platform run by the world's best freedivers.

Our freedive/yoga/breath immersion is going to be the perfect retreat for you to connect with your body and take that power to the water. Regardless of your level of experience, we are going to have the tools and people on board to bring you a beautiful luxurious experience in the tropics. Whether you are wanting to learn about freediving, and the benefits of practices such as Yoga & Breathwork, or you are a serious freediver looking for some professional depth, this ones for you!



About The Host

Freedive FNQ Team

Freedive FNQ Team


Hey, I'm Jack Webb, and I run things here at @freedivefnq. I really enjoy holding my breath underwater, and equally so, teaching other people how to hold their breath underwater. I'm a molchanovs freediving instructor, and a freediving athlete in training.

I've been freediving since my early teens, either on a line or with a speargun in my hand sourcing food, in various locations around the globe. These days, my spare time when I am not teaching freediving, revolves around - you guessed it - training freediving. I have ambitions to keep adapting to the deep. What's my ambition of deep? Triple digits. I am in love with the constant challenges and growth freediving presents. There are so many aspects of it that you can work on that translate to how you live everyday, it's a lifestyle. It's a great tool for tuning into the body, learning to respect it, and with that, carefully listening to when it's the right time to lash out and go for it! (In the most relaxed way)

Whether someone's a complete beginner or an advanced freediver, I enjoy being underwater with them, guiding them to relax deeper and longer, and most importantly - safer. Watching people persevere, gradually increasing their confidence and relaxation, their love for their underwater life, the whole time being immersed in the elements - are the constant rewards of my lifestyle choice. It's like that. Every time. So good.

Whatever aspect of Freediving you want to learn or improve on, the freediving sport itself, spearfishing, freediving for meditation, healing water trauma, trying something new, and much more - I've got your back and I'm proud to.

Hopefully get to cross paths with you one day and share some amazing under water moments.


Gday I’m Lex O’Connor,
I grew up in tropical North Queensland and have always loved being out under the water from a young age. I’ve loved my spear fishing since I was a young boy and always wanted just one more dive.

My love for the ocean and everything under it made me choose to do a freediving course in 2008, as I wanted to know the safety side of diving, as in my opinion the best day diving is when everyone comes Home. With a few Sambas and blackouts that I’ve rescued I decided to pursue an expand my knowledge further as a freediver. Almost losing my best mate got me into hyperdrive to be better in the water myself and also for everyone I was diving with.

I completed my Freediving instructor course with Adam Stern in 2016 and have been running freediving courses since then. I love the feeling of flight and freedom that descending down a line gives you, there is no better feeling than just giving yourself over to the depths and pressures as you descend.
I can teach specialty courses in spearfishing and breath hold for better hang times at depth and also different hunting techniques for different species of fish. All my knowledge that I have had from being underwater for 20+ years is yours to use whether it’s for spearfishing, freediving, breath hold or underwater photography. Happy to tailor my courses to each individual so they can take the most away from every course.

Keen to meet you and take you on a journey exploring and expanding your knowledge and safety of everything breath hold underwater.