Freediving Bali with Adam Sellars

Freediving Bali with Adam Sellars

April & Nov 23', 6 nights

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Retreat Highlights 

• This retreat is hosted by Australian Freediving representative Adam Sellars
• 7 days of mindfulness meditation and advanced visualisation for freediving
• Experience surfing, freediving, and spearfishing enthusiasts
• There are three wrecks to dive, including the US Liberty Wreck in Tulamben.
• PADI Freediver certification (Beginner, Advanced, and Master Freediver levels)
• Access to a pool, yoga halls, and breathtaking views of Amed and Mount Agung

It is perfect for surfersfreediversspearfishing enthusiasts, or anyone wanting to learn any of the above.

Across the 7 days, you will learn the art of mindfulness meditation and advanced visualisation for freediving.

You will have access to freediving instructors with a wealth of knowledge in competitive freediving, recreational freediving and spearfishing.

There are three wrecks to dive including the US Liberty Wreck at Tulamben, which are all accessible from shore and offer great freediving for all levels.

For anyone seeking to attain PADI Freediver certification, this is a perfect trip for your. This trip offers PADI Freediving certifications of Beginner, Advanced, and Master Freediver levels.

The location for all of the training will be at Apneista who have a brand new facility including pool, yoga halls, and amazing sweeping views of Amed to Mount Agung.

Our goal is help you explore this truly amazing location and enjoy a trip based around self-exploration, whilst enhancing or teaching you a new skill for fun and for life!



About The Host

Adam Sellars

Adam Sellars

Over the past 5 years Adam Sellars has been on what could be described as a spiritual journey that has culminated in the colliding of two worlds that have shaped the person he is today. As an athlete Adam has always grappled with the pressure that is part and parcel of the sporting experience and the other is his own battles with the pressures in life which at one point threatened to cripple and derail his life.

The misunderstood sport of Freediving has opened Adam’s eyes to a new way of living and coping with the pressures and stresses of sporting, work, and his personal life, which Adam wishes to share with teams, organisations and individuals alike. The principles of meditation, power of breath and breath hold and the ability to embrace and withstand the powerful messages from the brain which limit us is what Adam has used to empower himself and others in his new path of helping people unlock their potential through releasing the shackles of pressure.

Adam has also worked with Multi-million dollar businesses within the corporate world Australia wide on subjects ranging from Trust based sales training to stress relief, clients such as Kawasaki Australia, Insurance Australia Group and in terms of sporting team’s sports ranging from Rugby teams and most recently members of the Australian and New Zealand Olympic and Paralympic swimming teams.

Adam has excelled in many sports at a high level but most recently has been selected to represent Australia in the Caribbean world cup of freediving after just two years of competing. Freediving unlike any other sport ignites a primal fear that if not controlled and harnessed can lead to poor outcomes. These self-defeating thoughts can be seen in many areas of our life and is unfortunately part of the human condition quite often with small incidental pressures being staked one on top of the other and then manifesting itself in stress which can result in sickness, mental illness, and or poor outcomes in any sphere of life.

This is the ‘why’ behind Adam’s Pressure Project and what drives Adam to release people from self-defeating thought patterns so they can live a full and happy life and or achieve goals through unlocking the potential often suppressed and sabotaged within.



Things to keep in mind