Freediving and Spearfishing Retreat - 5 Days

06 Aug 23, 4 nights

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Retreat Highlights

  • Opportunity to complete a beginners spearfishing course as well as a Wave 1 or Wave 2 freediving course.
  • Learn the basics of spearfishing, including techniques, ethics, safety, and equipment, to provide you with a solid foundation for the sport.
  • Deep-water training and freediving workshops
  • 5 days and 4 nights of dorm style accommodation on a liveaboard maxi yacht.
  • Freshly meals prepared by a crew

For 5 days and 4 nights we will stay onboard a liveaboard maxi yacht for our Spearfishing, Sailing & Freediving trip. During the 5 days you will have the opportunity to complete a beginners spearfishing course and your Wave 1 or Wave 2 freediving course, as well as join in on specialised workshops and get in the water to spear and freedive every day. There is access to deep water for freediving training and visibility is usually around 15m.

During the Spearfishing course we will run through the basics of spearfishing with regards to techniques, ethics, safety and equipment, giving you a solid foundation into the sport and helping you to become a sustainable and responsible spearo.

Get in contact for more details or to be sent the information pack for this trip.




About The Host

Dan Parsons & Freediving Central Crew

Dan Parsons & Freediving Central Crew

Freediving Central know how important it is for students to feel, and be safe and comfortable while they are learning to dive. With our unparalleled team of experienced and professional instructors, students can relax and learn new techniques and skills while enjoying the moment.

Dan Parsons 

  • Owner of Freediving Central
  • One of Australia’s most experienced freediving instructors
  • Molchanovs Freediving Instructor for Wave 1, 2 & 3
  • PADI Freediving Instructor for Freediver and Advanced Freediver
  • Survival Apnea Instructor

Dan Parsons is one of Australia’s best and most experienced freediving instructors. With over 9 years experience in the freediving industry and as an instructor, he has travelled all around the world training and freediving with some of the best competitive freedivers of all time! Dan’s extensive wealth of knowledge in the world of freediving lends him to be one of the most sought after freediving instructors in Australia. With an unparalleled ability to problem solve and to read the needs of his students, Dan creates an environment where divers can push themselves to achieve what they dream of, in a safe, comfortable and fun environment.



Things to keep in mind