Caravanning Meditation

22 May 24, 14 nights

Caravanning Meditation
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Retreat Highlights 

  • Van hire if you have selected this package, including insurance and roadside assist. All vans are hired with selected providers through Camplify. Bonds are required for the insurance excess and are payable by the retreat attendee.
  • Accommodation – unpowered or powered sites for those with vans or cabins for those who have paid for the upgrade package or BYO car package, at the discretion of Meditation Sunshine Coast, using selected providers.
  • Activities – lavender farm visit (Moogerah), walking and hiking (Moogerah Gorge, Girraween National Park, Donnellys Castle, Carnarvon Lower Gorge),Wallaroo Eco tour, journal making workshop (Moogerah), winery tour (Stanthorpe), cheese factory tasting (Stanthorpe), Big Rig Show (Roma), 45- minute massage (Carnarvon), self-care workshop, drum-making workshop
    (Gin Gin), labyrinth walk (Bargara), Lady Musgrave Island Tour or LARC Paradie Tour (1770).
  • Mindfulness Meditation for Beginners Group Coaching Package – 5 x face to face sessions (Mindfulness & Meditation, Breathing Techniques, Relaxation Exercises, Tools to Manage Thoughts, Processes to Release Emotions)
  • Cultivating a Calm Mind Membership – printed copy of book, all digital versions, meditation library.
  • Goody bag with fully detailed itinerary, directions, maps, brochures, notepad and pen.
  • Information session two weeks prior to meet each other, go through the itinerary, checklist and answer any questions you may have.

Been putting off some well-deserved R&R? Some “me” time? Most ladies put everyone else at the top of the list and forget about themselves. Not here and not now - It’s your turn!

Ever wanted to visit Carnarvon, Stanthorpe or 1770, just never got around to it? Here’s your chance to take in some of Queensland's most beautiful sites and explore every nook and cranny, while driving (and living) in a campervan

Not living life to the fullest? Have a list of things you’ve always wanted to do but were afraid to? Join a small group of 10 women just as adventurous as you looking to make the best of this year and milk what life has to offer.

Stop and smell the roses! Slow down, stop doing, turn off that inner critic and worry wart and just be. Practising mindfulness helps stop those worrying thoughts about the future and ruminating thoughts about the past. Enjoy every moment!

Plus… there’ll be hiking with breathtaking views, lavender farms to ignite the senses, wineries to delight your taste buds, cheese-making, massages and self-care workshops. A list of activities designed just for you!

All whilst learning how to reduce stress, increase focus and clarity, sleep better and manage your thoughts and emotions with the Cultivating a Calm Mind toolbox - pdf, ebook, audiobook, meditation library, online courses and more!



About The Host

Michelle Eckles

Michelle Eckles

I'm Michelle, owner of Meditation Sunshine Coast, author of Cultivating a Calm Mind and Event Manager (pre covid).

Mindfulness and meditation have had a major impact on my life.

I became curious about meditation during a challenging period of my life. I was feeling completely overwhelmed nearly every day and faced with a path of antidepressants. I knew I had to find something (other than drugs or alcohol) that not only reduced the feelings of overwhelm but stopped me from getting to that stage in the first place.

And so I tried meditation. And full disclosure – I couldn't sit still for more than five minutes or count to ten breaths! I found trying to learn through an app or on my own just wasn't working and so I began looking for teachers and studying and researching meditation and then mindfulness.

As a result, I completed:

  • Advanced Certificate in Guiding and Teaching Meditation through the Australian Centre for Mindfulness and Meditation (ACMM)
  • Mindfulness Meditation Teacher training (MBSM) at the Gawler Foundation
  • Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Peak Performance (Monash University)
  • Corporate Mindfulness (ACMM)

Realising the benefits mindfulness and meditation could have on younger people, I also went on to complete extensive training for teaching kids yoga, mindfulness and meditation.

In my work life, practising mindfulness was essential to my success as an events manager for high profile speakers such as Brene Brown, Malala Yousafzai, Simon Sinek and the Obamas. It enabled me to remain calm, focussed and productive in this demanding role. It also gave me the resilience I needed when that career ended due to COVID.

In my private life, practising meditation has enabled me to be less reactive and more patient, healthier, kinder and compassionate to myself, as well as to those around me. This has become essential with two teens and a grandmother with dementia to care for.

For several years I ran my Mindfulness Meditation for Beginners program for kids, teens and adults, from my studio on the Sunshine Coast. I have now extended my teaching capacity to incorporate community classes, online courses, workplace workshops, programs, coaching and retreats. I also facilitate programs on behalf of Mindfulness Works Australia and am a registered provider for the Healthy Sunshine Coast Program and Career, Money, Life.

I am a member of the Meditation Association of Australia and and a Veriditas trained and certified labyrinth facilitator.

I am passionate about educating and demonstrating the benefits of practising mindfulness and meditation to help reduce feelings of overwhelm and stress, and increase feelings of calm, clarity and connection.



Things to keep in mind