Byron Bay Yoga Retreat

17 Jun 23', 6 days & 5 nights

Byron Bay Yoga Retreat
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Retreat Highlights

  • 6 days and 5 nights retreat accomodation at Sangsurya Retreat
  • Vegetarian and delicious (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)
  • 5 x Morning Hatha/Vinyasa
  • 5 x Afternoon Restorative Yoga, Myofascial Release, Breathwork, Meditation and Sound Therapy
  • 5 x Evening Yoga Nidra
  • 3 x Discussion Sessions

Byron Bay Yoga Retreat with Jen Hamilton

Immerse yourself in deep and heart centred practices resetting and renewing your energy. Drawing on 25 years of teaching, self practice and leading retreats and trainings, Jen infuses Mind-Body science along with the rich traditions of Yoga to amplify the transformative effects of the practices. This is your chance to drop into deep stillness and create the optimal conditions for releasing tension, healing and thriving.

Your home for 5 nights is Sangsurya Retreat centre. Sangsurya has been a place of refuge and healing for thousands of people from around the world for over 30 years. Built along the forested ridge of a 10 acre property with easterly views overlooking Arakwal Aboriginal land to the Pacific Ocean, this environmentally friendly retreat venue offers seclusion and tranquillity in the heart of nature, a sanctuary in which to escape the pressures of a busy life.  Be nourished by plant based food by local chef Ronit from Open Table Catering, Yoga and Meditation with the space to just BE.



About The Host

Jen Hamilton

Jen Hamilton

Drawing on 25 years of teaching experience, research and self practice, Jen draws on Mind-Body and Movement science along with the rich traditions of Yoga to amplify the transformative effects of the practices. You will be inspired with tools to make changes in your life from a ‘felt’ sense of wholeness, lightness and joy.

Jen’s skill in teaching yoga lies in being able to translate knowledge of movement and neuroscience into ‘somatic’ (felt) or embodied understanding, providing the self awareness and skills for positive change. You will slow down and develop inner sensing, deep listening and responding creating the conditions within the body & mind for releasing tensions, healing and thriving.

You can expect slow, breath centred, anatomically focused, inspiring yoga asana that offers an exploration of movement where you can investigate, adapt and evolve your practice to honour your individual needs and anatomy.

MIND-BODY Medicine : Core Teachings

Self Compassion – Embody self-compassion of “being with” ourselves in an accepting, soft way as well as supporting oneself to think and act in ways that alleviate suffering.

Conscious Movement – Jen’s classes ground and move the body in different planes and patterns with variety in fluidity and form. This variation and freedom in asana extends our movement capacities stimulating the brain and body for better function as well as opens blocked mental, emotional, physical and energetic pathways. You will increase stability, mobility, core strength, self awareness and confidence in movement.

Conscious Breathwork – One of the fundamental teachings of yoga is that our breath mirrors our nervous system and emotional state and by changing our breath patterns we can at a deep level change the way we feel. Classes include intentional  use of breathing techniques to cleanse, soothe or stimulate the whole body, this  liberates stored energy to create a relaxed, lighter and brighter state of being.

Meditation and Self Healing – With recent neuroscientific findings, meditation as a practice has been shown to literally rewire brain circuits that boost both mind and body health. Meditation allows us to access different states of consciousness – giving mind and body rest that is even deeper than sleep so the body heals itself from stress and creates new neurocircuitry.

Jen uses different meditation and relaxation techniques for self-healing and creating. As you take energy away from stressful thoughts/ feeling patterns and put it towards who you want to be, you can literally create a new state of being, a new self.  This heart centred approach to change is inspiring, light minded and fueled by possibility and potential.

Practice and Transformation –  You will learn through the practices, that you can stay open and light and remain present to responses and thoughts, dissolving the old habitual ones through loving presence and getting comfortable with the unknown. Learning to trust, learning to love yourself again in a positive way so that you can start to love the world and live as a creative, spiritual being capable of changing and transforming not only yourself, but everything around you.



Things to keep in mind