Body, Mind, Spirit, Business Bliss Retreat

Sept 2022, 3 days

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Does your soul yearn to escape from your busy life? Would you like to step away from the day to day hustle to create and bring forth something new, exciting and aligned for you and your business?

Every so often I hold private Mastermind Retreats for women who are ready to take their business, their abundance and their life to the next level. You may be 'doing all the doing' and building your business... but to birth something wonderful, new, flowing and abundant, you need to give yourself the space - mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The Business Bliss Retreat will be that sacred space to allow you to dream your big vision and together we will bring it to life. When you allow yourself to be immersed in an inspiring and creative space, surrounded with supportive, like-minded soul-savvy women, suddenly possibilities open up and business miracles are created. I've gone from welfare to millionaire by combining transformational processes with practical business steps. I'd love you to join us and step into the energy required to create a business you love.

Plus... this amazing retreat also offer mentoring and a money mindset course after the retreat to ensure you gain maximum value from the experience.



About The Host

Sandy Forster has gone from welfare to millionaire, from struggling every step of the way in her business, to doing what she loves, creating millions AND helping thousands of women around the world to create more prosperity than ever before!

Sandy's passion is sharing the Law of Attraction, neuro-science and Quantum Physics all combined in the most magical way so you discover how to re-wire your brain to naturally manifest more money.
She's won multiple international business Awards and has created dozens of online courses, products, programs as well as live events, retreats and masterminds. Sandy believes if you have to work, you may as well do something you're passionate about.



Things to keep in mind