Annapurna Base Camp, Nepal

26 Dec 23, 11 nights

Annapurna Base Camp, Nepal
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Retreat Highlights 

  • 3 nights - 5-star hotel in Kathmandu city and Pokhara city. 
  • 8 nights - traditional Nepalese teahouse
  • visit natural hot springs 
  • 8 - day mountain hiking experience. 
  • summit to Annapurna base camp 
  • Experienced local mountain guide with Everest assent and local cultural knowledge. 
  • Certified yoga teacher, daily yoga and meditation classes. 

Encounter the essence of Nepal's Himalayan mystical peaks. A must for the bucket list and arguably the best trekking destination on the planet. Thousands of people flock to this small, landlocked Asian nation every year to head deep into the Himalayan region.

The trek to Annapurna base camp has got it all! We bring this experience to life with our cool, young and fun team of experts, good vibes only, and of course you! You know who you are, yes! This trip is for you. 

A bucket list must! Let's tick this one together. 

The YAMA Movement 

This transformational experience helps you to explore your inner and outer environment and reconnect with yourself, nature and the flow of life. Our trips are small boutiques and customised according to the group's desire.  

YAMA -  Brings this experience to life through the raw elements of dance, play and connection with your inner child. Sleep under the stars, meditate on mountains and feel the earth under your feet. Daily yoga and breathwork classes with fully certified guides and teachers. Visit mineral magic natural hot springs along the way. 

Share:  Sharing is part of our ethos. We encourage you to bring your unique gift and share it at this gathering. YAMA Is a space to express yourself through what brings you joy. Radical self-expression, music, flow toys, games, arts, singing, and dance.

Our community is about learning, sharing, caring and connecting with the natural world while discovering some of the most exotic locations.

Together, on this experience on foot through Nepal's Himalayas, we dive deep into the most humbling and rich local culture and celebrate Mother Nature and her unique landscape, wild yacks, rhinos and other incredible wildlife inhabitants of this land.

Dress-ups:  Dress- up are fun!!! The theme is for this trip is (Funny hats). You can also purchase some incredible and outrageous beenies in Kathmandu city. Feel free to build on this theme and express yourself, Be bold, be fun and feel free to embody through costume. Please, keep in mind the baggage limit & local villages (keep it PG)​

Yoga and Movement: Each day, there will be one yoga, meditation or stretch class and a night session of meditation guided by Bridget.  The class is for anyone from beginners to advanced levels. Bridget will tailor the class based on the energy and level of the group and will provide variations to accommodate all fitness levels. 

Please note: All classes take place outdoors. Exploring movement in the elements provides its own challenges and beauty.

Hiking: Hiking on this trip will be a medium-high impact. We average at around 10 - 15 km per day and max at the altitude of 4130m. By day 3, your body becomes accustomed to long walks. A moderate level of fitness is required for this experience. It is important to bring comfortable hiking boots and warm clothing. The scenery is undeniably beautiful. 



About The Host

Bridget Weetman & Anil Budhathoki

Bridget Weetman & Anil Budhathoki

Bridget Weetman 

Yoga Teacher 

Australian yoga, meditation teacher & YAMA guide 

Anil Budhathoki

Trekking guide

Himalayan trekking guide and travel advisor in Kathmandu.