Airlie Beach Luxe Wellness & Fitness Retreat

May 22' - Nov 23',, 5 nights

Airlie Beach Luxe Wellness & Fitness Retreat
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Retreat Highlights 

• Enjoy the fantastic Whitsundays in luxury for a whole day on our super yacht.
• Get ready for an adrenaline rush and some sea turtle encounters on your luxury 1500cc fuel-injected Sea-Doo jet skis as you explore Whitsunday.
• 5 nights in the luxury and award-winning Mirage Whitsundays for our Airlie Beach.
• Witness Whitehaven Beach, where one of the many hiking trails is Hill inlet, where you'll have a fantastic view of the turquoise blue waters, which change every 6 hours and using a motorized scooter, explore Airlie Beach.
• Enjoy the amazing Great Barrier Reef snorkeling trip and the 600+ different types of hard and soft corals. Swim along with our turtles, dolphins, and 1625 different types of fish (10 % of the world).
• All-inclusive massage by Chris Pannan, one of the best remedial massage therapists on the Whitsundays. Chris and his team will ensure you can relax and unwind while having a complimentary massage suited to your needs.
• Relax your mind and soul with our unique daily training and HITT classes
• Other activities daily holistic healing includes yoga, mindfulness and breathwork workshops.

Reborn Escapes is a unique and luxurious experience. It is quickly becoming one of Australia’s best retreats for health, wellness, adventure – and yes, a little bit of luxury. Reborn Escapes creates balance. You’ll spend your time indulging in luxurious living and decadent drinks, but there will also be adventures. Reborn Escapes will get your heart racing with adrenalin inducing Jet Ski rides and HIIT sessions that will leave you sweating.

When some ‘down time’ is in order Reborn Escapes also offers spa treatments, yoga, mindfulness and breath work, to bring back a balance between your body and mind. We also offer a private charter, this is where you’ll be able to experience the Whitsundays to the fullest.

You can swim with the turtles, bury your toes into the white sand, spot dolphins, dive into crystal clear water and snorkel through one of the seven wonders of the natural world; the Great Barrier Reef.Then when you’re ready to show off your newly tanned and toned physique Reborn Escapes takes you out for the last day of the retreat on a Super Yacht. Bring your swimsuit and eat your weight in fresh seafood, pop open a bottle of bubbly and reminisce on the week thats just been, as you take in some of the best views in the world.

You are our priority at Reborn Escapes that is why we’ve thought of everything. We will provide every meal, all of which will be healthy and of a high standard. We also provide transport, with a motorised scooter to help you explore Airlie beach.

Last, but not least. Reborn Escapes will have high profile guests, visiting to help you achieve your goals and create a perfect balance throughout the week.





About The Host

Reborn Escapes Team

Reborn Escapes Team

Jaxon Tippet

Jaxon Tippet is a model and fitness coach from the Gold Coast, Australia. He has over six years of experience in the fitness industry, and he has transformed many clients mentally and physically.

Jaxon is very goal-driven, positive, and a great addition to the Reborn Escapes team. Jaxon has a strong mindset which allows him to achieve any goals he sets for himself and others! He is very motivating and will drive you through your daily HIIT sessions and be there pushing you hard and correcting your form. Jaxon will also be there on the whole retreat, so you will get to know him personally and take away some tremendous fitness-related knowledge from him.

Steph Collins

I’m Steph, and I’ll be 29 on the 5th of July. I have worked as a paramedic for over five years in London and now in QLD. I have traveled to 32 countries, primarilyin European and Asia.

I have been bodybuilding for three years and have competed in 2 seasons, achieving 3 x pro status. I’m taking time off to enjoy life but consistently train and eat flexibly.

I love the beach, beach walks, jet skiing to the islands, and anything in the sun. I’m a sucker for coffee and obsessed with food. I have the best network of close, quality friends that share the same passions and live a very satisfying and chilled lifestyle.

I am crazy excited and privileged to be one of the staff members for Reborn Escapes 2022, a 5-day retreat in Airlie to help make this a fantastic carefree adventure for everyone, full of lifetime memories!

Stephanie Coyne

As a tour guide and host, we have our Amazing Stephanie Coyne. Stephanie is a nature lover and loves hiking in the Whitsundays on the islands and Shute harbor. Stephanie spent the last year exploring the land and the ocean around here. Steph worked for a luxury charter company and is highly knowledgeable about the history of the beautiful Whitsundays; and is very passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience.

Steph is also a (vegan) cheese and seafood platter star and will make you the most amazing magazine-style platters.

Kimberly Bodha

Kimberly has been interested in mental health, wellness and fitness since her teenage years.
She believes that the best way to gain a healthy mind and body is by eating the proper nutrition, taking time for self-love, and doing exercises on a daily basis.

Kim has a comprehensive profile, from managing events, food trucks, and weddings and going on to commercial and IT companies.
Traveling worldwide,Kim picked a worldwide variation of food knowledge she likes to use in her cooking and daily life.

With her bubbly and down to earth personality, she brings people together, and can show you the best spots in the Whitsundays, and tell you about this beautiful place’s history. Kim can also sort you out with the best vegan and gluten-free food you can find around the Whitsundays!

James Henry

James is a qualified personal trainer and our retreat manager. He has a cooking background, and he lives and breathes nutrition, while training regularly. He is an active runner, often competing in 5km events with a PB of 17.38. He is very motivating and will push you through your daily HIIT sessions. James loves the outdoors and will be there every step during the retreat to assist you with any questions or queries you may have.

James is a very positive person with lots of drive for life and loves the Whitsundays region and can’t wait to share his knowledge of the area with you!

Dan Scanlon

We are so happy to have the king of Metafit HIIT Training on our team for our October Reborn Escapesretreat, the one, and only Dan Scanlon. Dan is a qualified personal trainer with years of experience and also the training director for Metafit Australasia, Canada, and USA (East).

Metafit is a 30-minute, non-choreographedbodyweight/HIIT Workout that was created by a royal marine commando, we have picked this system for our daily HIIT sessions for the retreat as we believe you can burn maximum calories in the shortest amount of time.

Dan is very passionate about health and fitness and has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to HIIT training, he is very excited to be onboard with Reborn Escapes and heading these sessions.

With the assistance of Jaxon, Steph and James these sessions will be amazing, and you can be assured that you will get the most out of them with the guidance of world-class fitness professionals.



Things to keep in mind