2 Day Sydney Spiritual & Nature Retreat

15 Oct 22', 1 night

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Retreat Highlights 

• You will learn aspect of the nature through a unique constellation process deep meditation
• Learn the art of forest bathing and nature questing to replenish your life energy.
• Opportunity to participate in Medicine Wheel Journeys and vision one on one questioning
• Practice, deep nature immersion, accessing peace, stillness, and healing through the use of nature's rhythms and the quantum field
• You will learn how to live your true life with mindfulness and consciousness awareness.
• This retreat is facilitated by James Pask and provides an opportunity to meet like-minded people

What’s in the Sydney Nature Retreat?

Get the chance to embody an aspect of nature through a unique constellation process and embark on Medicine Wheel Journeys, Vision and Oneness Questing, grounding and reconnection journeys, Nature constellation exploration, deep Meditations, and much more.

All of the experiences are designed for you to come back to your true nature, back to yourself, the real you. They are designed to bring you back from the disconnected state we find ourselves thanks to our frenetic modern lifestyle; think phones, Facebook, emails, TV, Netflix, Snapchat, Instagram, text messages, Skype, and WhatsApp. Think cars, traffic, appointments, meetings, work, life admin, and making time for family & friends, etc. This modern way of living does not leave a lot of time or space for you to just BE. 

Nature is a great healer; it can relax you and give you some time and space to gather healing energy, and reconnect with your intuitive side, your spirit, and what’s really important in your life.

You’ll discover that you can let go of work and focus purely on your spiritual health. You’ll rediscover the natural rhythms and mechanisms of nature.



About The Host

James Pask

James Pask


James Pask has a natural passion and love for bringing your mind and body back into alignment with your Spirit and we are always studying new and interesting things to tell people about.

A Message from James Park

Our Eco-Retreat in NSW is the perfect spiritual getaway for anyone who is on a personal healing journey. The program is designed to help you connect to what it means to be human. It enables you to find and claim your place in the world. It is time that we let go of the stories we tell ourselves.

I will be teaching you the amazing techniques, healing journeys and quests that I have learned in my lifetime from amazing teachers from all over the world. Along the way, you’ll experience what it feels like to achieve oneness with nature, to replenish your metaphysical energy, and to achieve a state of mindfulness that helps you reconnect to your true spirit so you can live authentically.

This profound, deep nature immersion will help you to access peace, stillness and healing through the rhythms of nature and the quantum field. There is a force that moves in and through all things (spirit), learning how to sense, feel, see, and touch this place or state adds life transforming magic to your personal journey.

Join a small group of like-minded people who are also on a healing journey and experience the incredible power of nature for yourself.



Things to keep in mind