2 Day Byron Hinterland Spiritual & Nature Retreat

3 Sept 22, 1 night

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Retreat Highlights 

• You will learn aspect of the nature through a unique constellation process deep meditation
• Learn the art of forest bathing and nature questing to replenish your life energy.
• Opportunity to participate in Medicine Wheel Journeys and vision one on one questioning
• Practice, deep nature immersion, accessing peace, stillness, and healing through the use of nature's rhythms and the quantum field
• You will learn how to live your true life with mindfulness and consciousness awareness.
• This retreat is facilitated by James Pask and provides an opportunity to meet like-minded people

What can you expect from your spiritual getaway in the Byron Hinterland Nature Retreat?

You will begin a healing journey by developing a oneness with nature, especially the aspect of nature that you feel that best represents or embodies your spiritual quest. 

Through all of these experiences you will rediscover your true nature and learn how to disconnect from all of the modern distractions that drain our spirit energy, disconnect us from our oneness with nature, and steer us off our life path. While you still live in the real world of social media, smartphones, TV, Netflix, Skype, WhatsApp, traffic, and back-to-back meetings, etc., you won’t be compelled to use them; they won’t be your life.

You will be able to step away and return to your inner silence and oneness with nature. Even though you won’t physically be at a spiritual getaway, you can use different types of meditation to access the feelings of the experience. You WILL BE your true self.



About The Host

James Pask

James Pask


James Pask has a natural passion and love for bringing your mind and body back into alignment with your Spirit and we are always studying new and interesting things to tell people about.

A Message from James Park

This eco-retreat is a life transforming spiritual healing getaway. As you go through the experiences you will learn what it means to be human and to claim your place in this world. Through my teaching, you will find that you can let go of the old stories we all tell ourselves. You’ll replace them your truth and learn how to live your true life with mindfulness and consciousness awareness.

I will tell you all about the amazing techniques, healing journeys, quests that I have been on, and teach you the same lessons that I learnt from amazing healers across the globe. This holistic perspective will help you on your personal healing journey of self-discovery and reconnection to your metaphysical self, your true nature and the natural world around you.

I invite you to accompany me and a small group of like-minded people to renew your spiritual energy. This profound and deep nature immersion will help you to access peace, stillness, and healing through the rhythms of nature and the quantum field.

There is a force that moves in and through all things (spirit) and learning how to sense, feel, see, and touch this spirit energy adds a magic to your life that words cannot describe.



Things to keep in mind