Who is Unearthed?

Australia's leading retreat marketplace, helping You Find & Book Retreats in Australia and beyond.

Our mission it is to help people reconnect and rediscover the joy in learning and exploring. 

We do this by making it simpler for you to discover, identify and reimagine your next holiday experience.

Thrill-seekers, learners, teachers. Our life's journey takes many paths, some well trodden, others perhaps are little left of field. As curious souls and life-long learners Unearthed got stuck in and dug into the complex world of the modern "retreat". 

At Unearthed, a retreat is a space for immersed, facilitated learning or wellbeing, where the person achieves personal growth in any interest such as wellness, health, skill, trade, craft, sport or hobby. No matter how traditional, epic, kooky or quirky.

Welcome to Unearthed Retreats. 



Founded by James Wark and based on the Sunshine Coast, we are a dedicated team committed to connection and offering enriching experiences and conscious choices. 

Everyone deserves to be able to access quality, meaningful, unparalleled retreat experiences across Australia and beyond that will recentre, reset and restore the body, mind and spirit. Unearthed Retreats is your starting place to learn, explore and experience life...differently.